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What might NOT interest the businessmen?A.Information about competition.B.Statistics about

What might NOT interest the businessmen?A.Information about competition.B.Statistics about

What might NOT interest the businessmen?

A.Information about competition.

B.Statistics about prospective customers.

C.Information about demand for certain articles,

D.Marketing policies worked out by the woman.

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Before Moko the dolphin turned up,the beached whales were in clear distress.But when Moko
arrived at Mahia beach on the east coast of New Zealand?S North Island,their mood changed and they followed him to safety. The ability of some animals to communicate is well known. What?s less well documented,however,is the communication between species.Justin Gregg, vice president of the Dolphin Communication Project,said it is possible that a dolphin and a whale could communicate in some way.“But it wouldn?t be instructions like ?Hey,buddy,the open ocean is over here.Follow me, ?"he says. Dolphins use three forms of signaling to other dolphins—whistles,clicking and postures.A whale might have signals in common with a dolphin,just as different species of dolphins are known to share signals which might theoretically allow a form of basic inter species communication.But just as it?s possible that Moko the dolphin and the stranded whales shared a signal,it is also possible that the whales just saw a vaguely similar creature and followed it. There are many reasons why different species communicate,says Vincent Janik,lecturer at the Sea Mammal Research Unit at St Andrew?s University.“The animals exploit the systems of others for their own benefits.Sometimes the benefits are the same for each,therefore they share information.Sometimes they are trying to take advantage of the other.Getting food may not be to the advantage of the one giving up the food” What happened after Moko the dolphin appeared at Mahia beach?

A.The beached whales still felt distressful

B.Moko 1ed the whales back to the sea

C.The whales were still stuck on the beach

D.Moko and the whales swam together ashore

听力原文: Finding a job in the United States takes specific skills. The following advice w
ill help you find a job. Write a good resume. Describe your accomplishments. Avoid including unnecessary information. Your resume should be one page if possible. Find out about available jobs. One way is by looking in the newspaper or on the Internet. Another way is by networking. Networking means exchanging information with anyone you know: family, friends, neighbors, classmates, former coworkers, professional groups who might know of a job. These people might also be able to give you insider information about a company, such as who was in charge and what it is like to work in their company. According to an article in the Wall Street Journal,94 percent of people who succeed in finding a job say that networking was a big help. Practice the interview. The more prepared you are, the more relaxed you will feel. If you were worried about saying or doing the wrong thing, practice will help. Learn something a bout the company. You can find information by going to the library and looking in directories or finding the company's website. Finding information takes time, but it pays off. You can get help in these skills :writing a resume, networking, preparing for an interview, researching a company, by seeing a career counselor. Most colleges and high schools have one who can help you get started. Finding. a job is one of the most difficult jobs. Some people send out hundreds of resumes and go on dozens of inter views before finding a job.

What is necessary in a good resume?

A.Your accomplishments.

B.Your hobbies.

C.Your family members.

D.Your appearance.

Which of the followings might be taken as the topic of the passage?A.Phone Calls via Inter

Which of the followings might be taken as the topic of the passage?

A.Phone Calls via Internet

B.New Technology On-line

C.VoIP Making its Way into Families

D.The Way to Have a Mobile Phone, Number

听力原文:M: Oh, I just got some bad news today.W: What happened, Tony?M: Well, you know my

听力原文:M: Oh, I just got some bad news today.

W: What happened, Tony?

M: Well, you know my job at the design studio?

W: Yes.

M: Well,...

W: Oh, no!

M: Oh, yes. Today the boss called me into his office and told me they had to lay me off indefinitely. That means as of April thirtieth, I'm out of work.

W: Oh!

M: No more job.

W: Tony, I am so sorry. You really liked working there.

M: Yeah, well, it's not all bad news. There's still a small chance that the company will call me back in the summer if the work picks up. You never know what'll happen. They may still need me then.

W: Oh, this is so sudden, isn't it?

M: Well, sort of. Two other employees lust their jobs last month, and I had a feeling I might be the next one in line. You know, I've only been working there ten months, so I don't have any seniority. If they're going to lay someone off, it's always going to be the newer employees first.

W: What are you going to do?

M: Like I said, I've still got a job until the end of the month. Starting in May, I plan to send out resumes and go on some inter views. Depending on the outcome of the interviews,...


A.He has lost his job.

B.His design studio has gone out of business.

C.His clientele is declining.

D.He has got a cut in pay.

听力原文:M: Okay. May I see your driver's license please?W: What? Did I do anything wrong?

听力原文:M: Okay. May I see your driver's license please?

W: What? Did I do anything wrong?

M: License, please. And your car registration.

W: Oh, yeah. It's here somewhere in the glove compartment. Yeah, here it is.

M: Madame, did you realize you were speeding in a school zone?

W: What? No, I didn't, but that's probably because my odometer is broken, I mean, malfunctioning.

M: Yes, you were going 50 miles per hour in a 20 miles per hour zone. And, you failed to come to a complete stop at the inter

ack there.

W: Rolling stops don't count?

M: And, one of your break lights is out, you're not wearing a seat belt, AND your driver's license expired six months ago.

W: And your name is... Officer Smith? Hey, are you related lo the Smiths in town? My husband's cousin's husband, I think his name is Fred, works for the police department here. Or was that the fire department. Anyway, I thought you might be good pals, and you know...

M: Hey, are you trying to influence an officer? I could have this car impounded right now because of these infractions.

W: No, of coupe not.

M: Okay, then. Here's your ticket. You can either appear in court to pay the fine or mall it in. Have a nice day.

W: Do you take cash?


A.The employer and employee.

B.The interviewer and interviewee.

C.The teacher and student.

D.The police officer and driver.

What must the customer do to obtain the service?A.Get a subscriptionB.Order over the Inter

What must the customer do to obtain the service?

A.Get a subscription

B.Order over the Internet

C.Contact a sales representative

D.Call for a consultation appointment

What is NOT stated about the festival?A.It will be held for 4 days.B.It will feature inter

What is NOT stated about the festival?

A.It will be held for 4 days.

B.It will feature international performers.

C.It will be held for the first time.

D.It will include a private party.

What is the best title of the passage?A.The Olympic GamesB.The Olympic Games And The Inter

What is the best title of the passage?

A.The Olympic Games

B.The Olympic Games And The International Olympic Committee (IOC)

C.The International Olympic Committee (IOC)

D.The Winter Olympics And The Summer Olympics

听力原文:Terry is anything but stupid, because he has seen much of the world. What can we

听力原文:Terry is anything but stupid, because he has seen much of the world.

What can we inter about Terry?

A.Terry is very stupid.

B.Terry is very much worldly.

C.Terry is very sophisticated.

D.Terry has not seen anything.

What is the feedback of those employees who attend the financial seminars?A.They are inter

What is the feedback of those employees who attend the financial seminars?

A.They are interested in the financial seminars very much.

B.They get great help and valuable advice in the financial seminars.

C.They do not believe what is said in the seminar and take in nothing.

D.They were enabled to solve many kinds of financial problems.

What is the author's view of "instant" scientific discoveries?A.They occur with long inter

What is the author's view of "instant" scientific discoveries?

A.They occur with long intervals.

B.They occur in quick succession for a long period.

C.They require long periods of time to be confirmed.

D.They are never made easily, but through long years of intense work and persistence.

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